Things Learned 08-29-2018

Elements positioned relative are painted ontop of any elements positioned fixed.

Children of elements with opacity: 0 have no possibility of being shown.

Problem solving can be addictive, but that addiction can also become a problem.

ScrollMagic's pins add space upon controller activation.

Document layout changes can affect scroll restoration on reload.

Worker-less Javascript doesn't have data races, but there may be paint races.

Children of elements with visibility: hidden can be made visible with visibility: visible.

CSS transforms and position manipulation of scroll may not be very smooth when done quickly.

Setting overflow-x: hiddenon both body and html cause scroll data getters to return 0.

The einstellung is real and demotivation doesn't help anyone, taking breaks to clear one's mind is a good idea when repeatedly hitting walls.

An element going down can (sometimes) be simulated by making another element go up.

Inheritance can be used to clean up BEM style CSS in Sass.