Dream 03/08/2018

This one was actually three in one, like a oniric trinity. One part dealt with me biking around a Brooklyn much more perilous than I remember it ever being. Cars were more aggressive, roads were literally less predictable, and the general notions of physics, like gravity and inertia, were rather weak. It somewhat concluded when, after a particular nasty accident in which i was incredibly lifted into the air by a ramp on the road and fell back to earth hard, breaking my bike's frontal axis, I found myself approaching some sort of biker gang's hang out. Here, some odd things with sticky machinery occured and I escaped. Outside, I found J. From the street we moved to a beach like area where I had a dog was following me, my dog. At one point the dog got distracted, feeling I could leave him behind, I continued with J, but after a short while guilt came over me, I returned to find him waiting for me with sad eyes. I hugged him, walking with him to where now J. was waiting for us, not sad but staring about. During this walk I intend to tell J about the first dream. At random intervals, however, our conversation gets sidetracked, leaving the dream unconcluded, it's relevance diminished. I lose the desire to continue. There’s a beautiful sunset.