Dream 03/07/2018

I dreamt of breaking into an aquarium like place. For some reason, I was tasked with an objective that involved lowering two plates into a tank that contained seahorses. One of the plates fell from the string bound contraption I was using to lower it, and due to the plate's weight, broke at the bottom, despite the cushioning water. A small girl, the sister of the person I was with, in the tank, underwater, on the other side of a fencing, approached the fragments of broken, porcelain plate which worried my partner and me. Some time past and here is where the narrative forks in ways that I don't understand. C. had left me her car, a turquoise SUV even though her car was a Prius, without any indication of when she was going to ask for it back. Using it recklessly, I found myself in a first floor apartment where R. and A. came by. I heard them outside and tried to get from the couch where I was lying to the door, but found myself incredibly lethargic. I struggled to pull myself across the floor while R. knocked. After passing some small stairs, I was a able to get to my feet and open the door. Some chit chat ensued. R. complained, he wished I would've picked him up from the airport, to which I responded that he had only needed to let me know.

We drive in C.’s car, taking a turn in which I see the car in third person, its right rear view mirror decapitates a man I understand to be evil. I arrive at the aquarium with the intention of rescuing the seahorses, but I don't recall if the beginning of the dream actually occured here because I have memories of the plates breaking, and of having escaped. This escape involved driving C.’s car past guards to the Aquarium center where a woman told me there were no seahorses. Feeling threatened, I jumped from the second floor where she was talking to me to the lobby, finding my sister there. She joins my escape, though I almost leave her behind as I race away in her car. I stop and reverse to pick her up, continuing on at full speed; breaking the gate arm. I feel exhilarated, terrified, motivated and wake up with a centeral headache.